Graduates are expected to have the abilities to join various professions including

English teacher*
(primary schools)

English teacher*
(secondary schools)

ESL/EFL instructor/lecturer* (colleges/universities)

(tutorial centres)


Test designer
(textbook publishers)

Test designer
(English language testing services/agencies)

Education consultant
(publishers/education agencies)

Civil Service

*The completion of the programme will not qualify graduates for being registered as a registered teacher under the Education Ordinance (CAP. 279). Holder of the qualification will not be recognised to have acquired a relevant degree majoring in English language subject for the purpose of meeting the requirements of an English language teacher in local public sector and private primary and secondary day schools offering full curriculum.


Graduates may need relevant teaching qualifications in Hong Kong such as a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) for being a registered teacher.

Message from different industries

“An English teacher should help students acquire English not only by teaching, but also helping students achieve in assessments. I am confident that this programme will equip English teachers with diversified training in the latest pedagogy and forms of assessments.”


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